Toad Hall Nursery school in Lambeth London
Toad Hall Nursery school in Lambeth London
Montessori Nursery school in Lambeth London

Toad Hall Nursery school in Lambeth London

Toad Hall Montessori Nursery school in Lambeth LondonParents recommendations

"Our two girls have been at Toad Hall and both loved it. They learned so much, did countless creative projects, built their confidence and made some great friends. It's fully earned its Outstanding status which is down to the hard work and teaching talent of Vivien, Caroline, Maria Luiza and the team.
We'd highly recommend it to everyone."

John and Jessica (January 2020

"I cannot speak highly enough of Toad Hall. I feel so immensely privileged that my daughter got the opportunity to attend this wonderful nursery for two years. My husband and I feel our daughter Alice has had the best start imaginable to her education in such a warm, loving environment where her enthusiasm and passion to learn has flourished. Vivien, Carolyn and the other teachers give such dedication and kindness to each child, they also instill lovely manners and an ethos of care and respect among the children. At Toad Hall there is a brilliant schedule of weekly topics each term which cover such a variety that all the children have a very good foundation for understanding the world they live in and they are incredibly well prepared for 'big school'.  I have been truly astonished at how much my daughter has learnt and the depth of knowledge she has learnt in such a fun, stimulating and engaging way. Her time at Toad Hall has given her the best springboard for her future, my daughte's sheer thirst for knowledge knows no bounds and she is so creative now after all the amazing artwork she has completed at Toad Hall. Thank you so much Toad Hall, we will be forever grateful to you and you will always be in our hearts.”

Laura and Tom (January 2020)

"Our two boys, now 7 and 4, have attended the Toad Hall nursery and are now in primary school. Vivien, Carolyn and the team have always showed the highest level of professionalism, while maintaining a really nice atmosphere of love and care for the kids. The communication with parents is fluid and efficient, eventual difficulties are addressed in a highly professional manner, and kids enjoy going to the nursery.  This is a fantastic place, we would highly recommend Toad Hall  Nursery
to any parent"
François and Bamfoa (January 2020)

"We feel so lucky to have had Toad Hall on our doorstep. Our daughter settled in so easily and this is due to the warm, friendly, supportive and fun atmosphere created by Vivien and her wonderful team. Toad Hall felt like a home from home, and we could not have asked for anything more. Thank you for a wonderful 2 years."

Lucy, Lee, Evalyn & Margo (January 2020)

"Toad Hall is a great nursery and my daughter thrived during her time there. It is superbly organised, full of structured learning experiences for the children, and yet, manages to retain a joyful, playful atmosphere. The staff always went above and beyond for us, and so I knew that my little one was always in a safe and caring place, which is what you need to know as a parent."

Phil (2019)

"Toad Hall was recommended to me by a neighbour with older children and I'm so glad I followed up, visited, and then sent my son there. I was attracted by the size of the cohort, the Montessori curriculum and the experience Vivien has. My son, probably more naturally an introvert, settled in well, though slowly. I think for quite a while he observed before beginning to play more with his peers. He has just begun school and has had a very happy beginning, making new friends and enjoying the experience of reception. I think that his successful start to school
is partly because of his very happy experience at Toad Hall, and the foundations it laid down to be part of a learning community."
September 2019

"Toad Hall nursery provided a highly stimulating, creative and nurturing learning environment, which challenged and sparked interest in our children at every point. Mia and Alexander's love of music and dance was met by many opportunities throughout their time at Toad Hall, and their confidence in art developed rapidly, continually wanting to draw and craft once at home. We are so thankful for the nurturing approach the educators took. We had two very happy children at the end of their nursery days. Thank you team so very much. ”

Laura Reilly and William Macdonald (2018)

"William was at Toad Hall for 2 years, and from day 1 was entirely relaxed and comfortable there, which is testament to the wonderful warm atmosphere of the place. The care and devotion Vivien, Carolyn and Harriet gave to all of the children was always plain and obvious. William was happy there for the entire time, and we were happy with the care and teaching he received. He has made the transition to Reception painlessly, and I am sure that in large part that is due to the excellent introduction to education he received at Toad Hall. We have nothing but fond memories of his time at Toad Hall and cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Katherine (2015)

"Toad hall was the perfect starting point for my inquisitive and independent daughter. The depth and breadth of growth which is fostered by the dedicated and knowledgeable staff is truly commendable. My daughter still comes out with surprising factoids from her Toad hall days. The size and setting is key to the gentle but effective, happy, calm and collected learning environment. The only downside is that at some point you have to leave!”

Lucy (2015)

"We can’t speak highly enough of our experience at Toad Hall. The year our twins spent there was nothing short of delightful! Vivien and her whole teaching team are kind, thoughtful, and loving. I felt every day like I was leaving my children in a safe, stimulating environment. And I noticed such wonderful growth in them - becoming more independent, respectful, good listeners who were kind to others. We couldn’t have picked a better place for our children’s first experience with school!”

Alisha and Carlos Miranda (2015)

"Both of my daughters attended Toad Hall, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The teachers are experienced (Vivien has been running the school for 28 years!), caring, and really understand early education. The lessons are creative and interesting, but also structured. They have a routine which makes the children feel safe, but also are very creative within that routine. The art projects my girls brought home from Toad Hall are remarkable, and always designed around a theme (France, people who help us, Diwali). My girls loved Toad Hall and still miss it years later. An excellent hidden gem of a nursery!"

Kierstie (2013)

"Toad Hall is one of the most incredible finds in central London. My daughter Elodie has been attending this unique little Montessori nursery school for two years, and I am constantly telling friends about this amazing place. It is hard to precisely put into words, but as you watch your child blossom under Vivien, Caroline and the other teachers' remarkable tutelage and care, you realise how lucky you are to have found it and secured a place. The attention dedicated to each individual child and their needs is second to none, and there are fantastic rituals that the children cherish such as the 'welcome circle' each morning.

I've really enjoyed observing the fortnightly themes that frame the children's play, activities and learning, such as Barbados or Denmark, growing things or the Diamond Jubilee, the seashore or butterflies, music or movement. Each theme is so thoughtfully and painstakingly conceived that the children are absorbing the wide world as they paint, sing, play, practice letters, or explore (including excursions to the local farm, Houses of Parliament, Science Museum and a scooter-a-thon for Great Ormond Street Hospital). And given the time of year, I can't omit the superb Christmas play that Toad Hall organises each year - an epic achievement to coordinate 2-4 year olds and a fantastic way for the network of parents to get together.

My daughter runs up the stairs to Toad Hall's front door each day and never looks back - she loves it, and so do I. Thank you so much for everything Vivien and Caroline. I wish we didn't have to say goodbye - I am speechless with disappointment that we are relocating abroad and my younger son won't have this incredible Toad Hall grounding to his early life. I would recommend Toad Hall to anyone."

Louise Campbell (2013)

"I really wish I wasn't writing this letter, I would so much rather be saying, thank you again for another wonderful term and looking forward to seeing you in September! I know Lila is completely ready for reception thanks to all you have done, but I'd really rather stop the clock.
You have made our lives in London so happy. We were all a little blue when we first arrived, Lila really missed home, and just didn't seem like herself. You brought her back and made her the most happy, enthusiastic, content version of Lila I have ever seen. She's learned so much with you and has had the time of her life. Thank goodness Mae can start in two terms, otherwise I'd be a wreck. Have a wonderful, restful summer holiday. We'll miss you and will send updates from St. Peters."

Kierstie Rucci (2011)

"Our daughter is three years and four months old. She thoroughly enjoys Toad Hall Nursery School. Before joining Toad Hall, Julia did not speak any English. Thanks to Toad Hall, she is becoming more and more fluent in her second language. We would like to thank the teachers for their efforts to integrate her with the other children. Since the very first day, Julia has embraced the warm and eventful environment. The projects weeks are particular highlights enjoyed by the children as well as their parents. It is exciting seeing our daughter learn and talk about those subjects at home. The teachers were also most helpful with our daughter's potty training. We very much commend Toad Hall nursery and their experienced and inspiring teachers."

Wandres (2011)

"We just wanted to write and say thank you for giving Belle such a great introduction to learning.
In the two years she has been attending Toad Hall we have always felt that she was cared for in a warm and friendly environment, and even though some may say that you don't have much space compared to other nurseries in the area I thought that Belle would feel comfortable in Toad Hall as it felt more like a home than a school.
This feeling of her being cared for in such a familiar environment extended to her schooling too as I always felt that you at Toad Hall were just providing (on a more patient professional level) an introduction to reading and writing and numeracy that I could continue at home. We do a lot of drawing and we write thank you letters- that sort of thing together, now she is starting to write letters together and trying to read them, it is so exciting to see her try it out for herself, although she is still convinced that it is w-w-woobarb!
We have loved learning about all the things she has been up to, you would laugh to hear our conversations about cars and their nationalities, but the German project obviously got her thinking and on journeys now we always do a lot of German car spotting.
Eagle Heights also has been a source of great conversations- this morning she was telling me that she loved it there. It is great to hear her still excited about things she has done with the school and that your follow up and activities you organise around any of your topics prove really inspiring. It all goes in and we do eventually get to hear all about it.
I also wanted to let you know how well the children all play when out of school, I think it is a credit to you as they are all good at negotiating between themselves, and have a strong sense of what is fair. They are so young and it is great that they have that ability.
Thank you so much for looking after her for us and doing it so very well."

Kate Bright and Martin Zielinski (2011)

"Toad Hall is a perfect place for my Childs first adventure into schooling. She loves the small homely environment and caring staff. She really enjoys the creative projects and is learning along the way.
After a few terms, she feels happy, confident and secure there and at the same time learning the rules and social behaviour expected within a school environment. We love the little personal extras- picnics, parties, baking, themed projects and one to one attention from the staff. High praise all round for Toad Hall!"

Tracey Duffield (2011) "

"My daughter spent 2 years at Toad Hall and was extremely happy there. Toad Hall has a wonderfull atmosphere about it, very welcoming and cosy. It is an excellent start to education. The teaching was fantastic, and my daughter was very well prepared for her next school. She loved all the creative activities, the art work she came home with was very impressive. I could not have asked for more. She made some lovely friedns there and still keeps in touch with them. I can highly recommend Toad Hall"
Antonia (2011)

"All three of my children spent all their pre-school years at Toad Hall, and I have nothing but praise for it. The teaching is fantastic, thoughtful, imaginative and creative, but also provides a solid, safe and structured enviroment, which has enabled my daughter to make the transition to primary school and more formal learning with confidence, and was a completly non-disruptive step, unlike many of her peers.

My children all thrived in the loving, caring enviroment provided by the staff, who got the know the family as a whole and were flexible and genuinely caring. Their devotion to the children is outstanding, and their work ethic incredible (as witnessed by the amazing Christmas shows!), and their creativity impressive, and their understandong of children's needs social, emotional and developmental needs second-to none.

Toad Hall is the very antithesis of corporate childcare, and I have lost count of the number of families i have recommended it to. There is no other nursery like it! "
Eleanor Rowley(2011)

"Toad Hall provides an extremely secure and close environment for children, together with a varied and considered curriculum for each stage of nursery. Teaching and care is absolutely excellent"

C. Fisher (2010)

" I would rate the teaching and care at Toad Hall as top class. The children are constantly learning by doing interesting projects and yet enjoy creative play. The artwork is of a very high standard. (And I compare it with that of my other child at private prep school, where the standard of art is not so impressive). The children learn how to concentrate and have good standards of behaviour. I believe Toad Hall gives children a very good start to their academic life in a small nurturing environment. They are very happy there".

J. Rebeiro (2010)

" I am very happy with our sons progress. His English has improved. He has learned some basic life skills, like doing what he's been asked and sitting quietly. He's started to like observing and painting".

M.Tessarin (2010)

" Douglas continues to develop well under the caring and professional staff at Toad Hall. We have nothing but the highest praise for them. It is a real pleasure to know that your children are safe and being cared for to such a high standard. Douglas clearly loves it!" P. Fergusson (2010) "Toad Hall has provided kind and intelligent teaching and pastoral care to both of my children. I have learned a great deal about parenting small children by following their example. I particularly like the calm amosphere of the nursery (like visiting someone's home), the broad range of skills they grown in each child in a way that seems effortless and 'fun' from the outside, but clearly has taken hours of preparation and years of experinace to develop. It is a great pity that they are prevented from using a small 'communal' square directly outside their gate, it would breathe joy into an otherwise fairly sterile community. My son was very prepared for school, thanks to them, there should be more nursey like this!"
C. Tufail (2010)

"Both my daughters have gone to Toad Hall nursery and have loved their time there. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly. We like the small size of the class and the fact that there is a continuity of teachers (the same ones have been there the whole time). The teachers are very imaginative and are always coming up with exciting and stimulating projects for the children. The staff encourage good manners but in a relaxed way. Both my daughters have grown enormously in confidence during their time there. Toad Hall has established in their minds that learning is fun and an enjoyable experience. I could not imagine a better start to their education."
Laura Fox (2006)

"Our two children (six years apart, one boy one girl) both loved toad Hall. We all enjoyed the amazingly kind, positive and creative atmosphere at the school. The emphasis is on creativity and expression but within an imaginatively controlled framework. The children learn how to communicate with one another and their teachers, making and sustaining strong friendships. They also learn to listen and to sit still, but above all they have fun. The very loving and energetic teaching team put a huge amount of energy into constructive themed projects, as well as general daily outpourings of paintings, collages etc made in a wide range of styles and mediums.
 The school manages very well the crucial and very special time in a child's life between what will probably be the first days away from home through to becoming fully ready for entry into primary school."
Charlie Millar, Alice Martin (2006)

"All three of my children have had/are having wonderful years at Toad hall. We have found the nursery to be an incredibly positive experience. The teachers are extremely competent, experienced and caring. The environment feels cosy and safe and fun - perfect for pre-school years. My children have learnt vast amounts of general knowledge about the world, and all the basic skills, in a very inspiring and fun way. We will all be very sad when our last child finishes!"

Hannah Wyncoll (2006)

"Toad Hall provides a happy and stimulating environment for pre school children. My eldest son Max thrived here and my youngest son Josh has just joined the nursery and is enjoying the time he spends at Toad Hall. Vivien and the teaching team support learning with a lot of fun activities. The projects each term are both educational and enjoyable. I have nothing but praise for Vivien, Carolyn and Loretta."

Stephanie Collins (2006)

"Peter has been at Toad Hall for a year and he is very happy.  The nursery is ideal for him - small, friendly, caring and he loves the variety of activities.  He is already teaching us from what he has learnt through the different topics!
As parents we value the flexibility over sessions - full day or half day, and if we need an occasional extra session (and there's room) that's OK too.  Thank you Toad Hall! "

Scott, Linda, Tim (2006)

"Tom is very happy at Toad Hall and has made lots of new friends.  The carefully thought out curriculum and facilities are all first rate - Tom has blossomed.  The children are cared for very thoughtfully and their needs are met with understanding by the excellent staff.  We are impressed with educational visits to the nursery and trips out.   We leave Tom at Toad Hall with complete ease and peace of mind."

Josa & Nigel Winfield (2006)

"As a new parent at Toad Hall, I am delighted by the way that my son has taken to it. It is a great to have such a positive introduction to education. From day one he has been bowled over by it and sad to finish each morning.  I am not surprised that he loves it as every day he comes home with something exciting – from chocolate birds nests to Halloween sandwiches, from paintings of large feathered flamingos to photos of him holding a real owl. 
Since he started, he has been stimulated and has shown an interest in counting, and spelling and finding out new things. He seeks things out in our house to show his favourite teachers ‘vivian, Carolyn and Lorreta. They are all extremely thoughtful, helpful and totally professional and the kids love them.  
Toad Hall is a great introduction to learning – for both kids and parents."

Annie Hughes (2006)

"Two of my children went to Toad Hall (one is going) and I will have the youngest starting in spring time. They have trouly enjoyed their time there and I am very pleased about it too!
The day is well organised, children feel confident on a structured environment; my main enthusiasm is about the creative activities they do, always with a different theme.
The school have worked very well for us, under every aspect and I have no hesitation on recommend it to anyone"

Luisa Miraglia (2006)
Mother of Corey, Eugene and Ashley

"My daughter Cora and son Digby have attended Toad hall nursery school.
I have been really pleased with the brilliant start the school gives young children in a friendly environment with kind and caring staff.
Both children have blossomed and really enjoyed the interesting topics, the trips out, story tune and the friendships they've made.
It's fabulous to see children grow in confidence and enjoy learning.
Toad Hall has given me the security that my children are well cared for and stimulated by staff they know well.
It has been very flexible in approach to the numbers of sessions, going at the child's pace.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Toad Hall to any parents."

Frances Hilliard (2004)

"I first became acquainted with Toad Hall when my first son was two and a half years old.
As a new mother I was keen to ensure that my child's first educational experiences outside the home were happy and inviting.
I chose Toad Hall because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which is a testament to the enormous effort and hard work of Vivien, Carolyn and the rest of the staff.
At Toad Hall they have created a friendly and welcoming environment for children to have their first encounter with structured learning.
The dedicated caring teaching reflects in the children's interest in the various topics and their enthusiasm to take part."

Kathryn Garbett (2004)
Mother of Alex and twins, Annice and Ethan

"I have sent my four children to Toad Hall and have been consistently found the quality of education to be excellent.
It is a very friendly school, which caters for all aspects of a child’s development. The pre-prep schools to which my children have progressed have commented upon the superb all-round education they have received.
Despite moving house to a different London borough I still send my youngest daughter to Toad Hall, as I truly believe it is an excellent school.
I cannot recommend it too highly."

Louisa Taylor (2004)



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